Hades, the ancient Greek god of the dead, requires a daily amount of spirits and obolus to maintain the underworld. You, Charon, the ferryman of Hades, must comply Hades' request by allowing spirits onto your boat, or denying them by throwing them into the Acheron river.

How to play:
Each day, a queue of spirits awaits passage to the underworld. Spirits approaches one by one to offer an amount of obolus. Charon can choose:
- "To Boat". The spirit jumps onto the boat and Charon collects the offered obolus, completing Hades' request. This fills the boat and the chest.
- "To Acheron". Charon rejects the offer and throws the spirit into the Acheron river, useful to control the boat's and the chest's capacity. This decreases Hades' happiness proportional to the offered amount of obolus.

When the amount of spirits on the boat and the amount of obolus in the chest meets the requested amount by Hades, Charon carries the spirits to the underworld and progress to the next day.

If the boat's or the chest's capacity reaches pass the limit, or Hades happiness reaches 0%, Charon loses his job and the game ends.

Install instructions

Unzip and run "Obolus Please.exe"


Obolus Please ECGJ.zip 89 MB

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